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Welcome to the Surgical Skills Centre

A dedicated Research facility for Devices Testing, Devices Research that also delivers realistic Cardiac Surgery Training as it has never been implemented before in the UK.

Introducing realistic beating Heart Surgical training

Surgical Skills Centre metarializes physiological principles that are used in heart transplantation. In many cases of heart transplantation donor and recipient are far apart. In those cases we could end up with a heart that is significantly damaged from hypoxia. In order to preserve heart's viability, a few centres, since 2008 have started to use special equipment that can keep the heart beating on the way. We use the same principle and similar equipment to achieve the same for the purpose of surgical training and devices testing. We go to abattoirs where animals are killed for food consumption and harvest hearts which we then revive and use for surgical training. This demands special equipment, advanced physiology and it is very expensive. However we think that this can deliver excellent quality realistic surgical training and advances dramatically the quality of training. It is the first time this is done in Europe. An additional advantage is that we do not cause any animal suffering as we only get tissues from animals that are already dead, killed for other purposes.

Advancing Surgical Technique

Surgical Skills Centre is a hub for Innovation and Surgical research. If you want to try a different valve product, or a surgical technique e.g. a mitral valve repair, or a patch closure, or a Dacron conduit anastomosis, or an AF ablation device we will provide you the aims to achieve it. Our centre will help you to try your technique on an alive beating heart, assess procedural feasibility and haemodynamic results, provide the appropriate equipment (e.g. ECHO, ECG, pressure sensors) and assess your query prior to attempting it on patients.

Devices Testing

Devices Testing is the main Arm of Service of Surgical Skills Centre where companies can test and assess their own devices. Testing is multifold and may either reflect on procedural success, i.e. receive feedback from trainees and Consultants on procedural feasibility, or may include a more complex assessment (echocardiographic, flow dynamics) in the context of CE marking or FDA approval. 

By way of example, transcatheter valve products and mechanical aortic valves are currently assessed by means of easiness in implantation, angle of implantation in respect to the recipient heart anatomy, operator dependent implantation errors, resultant pressure gradients, flow dynamics etc. Refer to the Devices Testing link for more information.